Terms and conditions

Mirjam Schulpen Training & Coaching is deeply valuing a movement toward a world where everyone’s needs matter, this means that everyone’s needs are heard, recognized and deeply considered.

We would like to check if you agree to the following points. With any request for something to be written differently in these ‘terms and conditions’, please contact us directly. We are open for a dialogue to figure out a text that works for both of us:

  • If you decide to leave the training at any time before the end time of the course, you commit to paying the full participation fee.
    This is in order to care for our energy in organizing a course, (financial) security, as well as the fact that otherwise this spot could have been offered to someone else.

  • In case there are less than: 8 participants for a course in Amsterdam / 20 participants for a weekend workshop or a year long training, Mirjam Schulpen Training & Coaching reserves the right to cancel the course no later than 7 days before the start date. In such case we will return the pre-payment within 2 weeks from the cancellation announcement.
    This is in order to care for the sense of balance of our trainers

  • It is your personal responsibility to inform the trainer/s of your health status (physical and mental), and/or use of medication, etc.
    This is in order to create safety and clarity for you and the trainer.

  • Neither Mirjam Schulpen Training & Coaching nor its trainers are liable for any physical and/or psychological damage you claim to have acquired due to participation in the course/training.
    This is in order to have a shared agreement about the notion of ‘self-responsibility’. We encourage you to listen to your needs and speak up when things do not feel safe to you in anyway. Safety is really important to us, and each person needs different ways to care for it. We deeply care to support you in that.

  • The participant will recompense any damages they cause to movable and immovable property on the property the course/training is held.
    This is in order to have a shared agreement about the notion of ‘self responsibility’.
  • All communication with Mirjam Schulpen Training & Coaching (within and outside the course) will be dealt with confidentiality.
  • Mirjam Schulpen Training & Coaching and Crisler Coaching & Consulting have copyright and ownership of the training materials.

Complaint procedure


  1. Mirjam Schulpen Training & Coaching supports you with the learning and development of communication skills based on Nonviolent Communication. This includes the following aspects:
  • Taking responsibility for your own feelings
  • Discovering your underlying needs
  • Clear and concrete articulation of wishes and requests
  • Listening with curiosity to the underlying message (needs) of others.

The final result depends on your own goals and efforts.


  1. We value it greatly when you immediately report your complaints to us. We take this very seriously and will look for solutions with you (before problems get too large).
  2. It is important to us that the needs of all parties are uncovered and heard through dialogue. And that workable strategies are agreed upon as a follow-up. Our aim is to do this with great care.
  3. Even if your bill is paid by another client, our indirect client, we would like you to share your dissatisfaction and complaints with us.
  4. At the end of a course we will ask you for your opinion about the course via an evaluation form.

Written complaints

  1. When you submit a written complaint, you will receive a notice of receipt of the complaint within two weeks. In the notice, we let you know:
  • how we will further handle the complaint, and
  • the period within which we hope to reach mutually satisfied completion with you.
  1. We aim to handle your complaint satisfactorily within six weeks. Afterwards we will ask you in writing whether your complaint has been handled to your satisfaction.
  2. The anticipated conflict resolution period can be extended, if there are demonstrable reasons, and provided that you have been informed of this in writing before the expiration of the time period.
  3. Your complaint will be treated confidentially. Only with your consent will the complaint be reported to third parties.
  4. Written complaints are kept for five years, then destroyed.


  1. If your complaint does not come to a resolved agreement with Mirjam Schulpen Training & Coaching, it will be passed on to Marianne van Dijk. She is an NVC-based mediator and will provide her support in the search for agreed upon solutions for both parties.
  2. The mediation process is based on following and taking into account the needs of both parties. The outcome of this process determines which actions Mirjam Schulpen Training & Coaching should take in each individual situation. Mirjam Schulpen Training & Coaching will take steps with the utmost care to realize the discussed and recorded points. It will be implemented within the period agreed upon by all parties during the mediation.
  3. Complaints submitted to the mediator are kept for five years and then destroyed.