I n s p i r a t i o n



Marshal Rosenberg –  Nonviolent Communication: a language of life

Robert Gonzales – Reflections on living compassion 

Mikki Kashtan – Reweaving our future: working together to create a nonviolent future

Liv Larsson – Mediation 

Thomas d’AnsembourgStop being nice 

Sarah Peyton – The resonant self


Grief / mourning:

Megan Devine – It’s OK that you’re not OK 

Francis Weller – The wild edge of sorrow



Hannah Cuppen – Love shy 


Mindfulness / compassion:

Pema Chodron – When things fall apart 

Tara Brach – Radical acceptance 


Other NVC teachers whom I appreciate and trust:

Cara Crisler, Yoram Mosenzon, Oriane Boyer, Bonno Lange, Nadine Helm, Sabine Geiger, Helen Adamson, Roxy Manning, David Weinstock.