C o a c h i n g  and  m e d i a t i o n :

  • Individual coaching, relationship coaching, mediation:

I offer you my empathic presence while we discover together your inner world.

These are themes which I learnt about during the journey of my own life: love and relationships, mourning, loss and change, living with illness, divorce, co-parenting, violence, stigma, conscious parenting.

  • individual session
  • session with/about your child
  • relationship session with or without your partner
  • session about divorcing and co-parenting
  • healing session or your grief and mourning
  • learning to live with illness


Individual session (1 hour) : €100 (ex BTW)

A first session / mediation with your partner / family / team (2:30 hours) :  €250 ,-  (ex BTW)

The next session(-s) with your partner / family / team (1:30 hours): €150 (ex BTW)

In case you would have requests aobut the costs, you are welcome to contact me before the session.