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Do you want to learn how you can handle conflict, anger and guilt in way that creates understanding and compassion? Do you want to discover skills that will help you create peace and connection in your relationships? Do you want to practice speaking honestly from the heart and deep listening, to yourself and others? Do you want to transform your judgements about yourself into self-acceptance? Do you want to parent from the heart and still offer safe and clear boundaries? Do you want to turn power struggles with your child into cooperation?

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About me

I have a natural curiosity for people and for ‘how to live’. My dream is that human tears are just as welcome in the world as laughter. My passion is to help you create (self-)connection, (self-)compassion and (inner) peace. As a trainer, coach and mediator I help you navigate the journey of your life. I enjoy guiding your movements between sadness and joy, between chaos and calm, between mourning and celebration.

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