T r a i n i n g:

  • Nonviolent / Connecting Communication’: workshop, training or course

I facilitate these custom made trainings in organisations. In an orientational interview I explore together with my client which themes, skills and exercises best fit the situation.

I also give open trainings and courses (for anybody who wants to join).


  • ‘Connecting with CHILDREN’: workshop, training or course

These are trainings for parents, caretakers or people who work with children. I offer theory, themes and exercises which are especially focussed on situations with children. For example how can I as a parent handle my own anger, guilt and what to do when I have a conflict with my child? And how can I offer clear and safe boundaries without punishing.


  • Transforming self-critic into SELF-COMPASSION

How can I be more friendly towards myself? In this training I offer concrete exercises that help you transform your self-blame into self-acceptance. I teach you how you can move from self-rejection towards self-compassion at a daily base.

  • Workshop MOURNING / GRIEF

How can you welcome and allow your pain and sadness after loss and change? How can you learn to discover your underlying needs? How can you find out whcih support really helps you in this process?



C o a c h i n g  and  m e d i a t i o n :

  • Individual coaching, relationship coaching, mediation:

I offer you my empathic presence while we discover together your inner world.

These are themes which I learnt about during the journey of my own life: love and relationships, mourning, loss and change, living with illness, divorce, co-parenting, violence, stigma, conscious parenting.

  • individual session
  • session with/about your child
  • relationship coaching with or without your partner
  • session about divorcing and co-parenting
  • coaching about your mourning process
  • learning to live with illness


Individual session (1 hour) : €75 – €150 ex BTW (depending on income and free will).

A first session / mediation with your partner / family / team (2:30 hours) :  €185 – €250 ex BTW (depending on income and free will).

The next session(-s) with your partner / family / team (1:30 hours): €110-€185 ex BTW (depending on income and free will).